Making The Pink Suspender Corset – Part 1


Finally found some time to carry on with this project; a pink corset with suspenders built in… 


I started making this pink corset a few months ago, then it got put to one side and I forgot about it. I found it again while doing my ‘Autumn clean’ of the sewing room yesterday. It was under a pile of fabric as you might expect! 

pinkcorsetmaking2So this corset is actually a double tester project as I’m trying out both built-in suspender attachments and a single layer corset. That’s right no lining layer! But why? Well up until a few years ago I was adamant you needed to line your corset and line it with coutil which is a special stiff, tightly woven corsetry fabric specifically designed for making corsets that can be used for corset training the waist. I still believe this largely and if you plan to corset train then you want a coutil lined corset. However, I purchased some antique Victorian/Edwardian corsets a few years back to study and was shocked to find they were single layered! These very fine single layered garments were used by ladies of the era to tight-lace day in and day out. So for a long time now I’ve wanted to make a serious corset training corset in single layer. So this is upholstery fabric by Laura Ashley which I picked up on a London market stall, no coutil, no waist tape, no lining. Very exciting!  


I’ve already sewn one side of pieces together minus the center front and center back which will need lining on account of the busk and eyelets. Today I sewed the other side together. Above you can see all the pieces, this is a seven piece corset pattern, the end pieces have been pushed to the sides in the photo and the ones in the middle were all sewn together. I double stitched each seam with two different stitch lengths then pressed each seam open then toward the back.

I then stitched a beige cotton bone casing over the raw seam allowances on the inside to finish the seams off nicely, hiding the raw edges. You can see the inside in the image below.

I now have two sides like this, next step will be to insert the busk; for which I will need to use two layers and the same for the eyelets. If you were to add a waist tape to strengthen the waist for corset training, then a floating waist tape could be attached front and back with the eyelets and busk.




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The Postman Brought Lace For Corset Making!

I ordered some pretty Victorian lace from EBay recently and today it all turned up in the post. It’s very fine but I’m hoping it’ll hold up as detailing on a corset I’m planning to make. There’s something really nice about authentic Victorian lace, whether it’s the quality of the craftsmanship or just ye olde worlde smell, I’m not sure but I may have over done it for one corset design! I just couldn’t resist adding this big floral design.

corset making lace flowers

The other pieces are a little more substantial with these trailing flowers looking like they’ll make the perfect eye catching detailing for either the bottom or top edging of a corset.

corset making lace vintage


I’m planning to make a corset in a light or nude shade and then just play with the placing before the binding goes on, see what looks most visually appealing. I may sew the outer panels together and leave the busk insertion till last incase I want to attach lace along the front closure. Then I can include the edge with the outer fabric and hand sew the rest  in place on the mannequin so I get the stretch and shaping right. I may try a few of these smaller flowers first as I’m actually new to lace application, although I’ve talked the method through with other corset makers. Time to apply all that gleaned corsetry knowledge!


corset making lace little flowers


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The Express Corset Making Video Course – finally here!

corsetry set 1

corsetry set

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Rewriting the Corset Manual

corset making back panel

Along with a complete re filming of the video course I’m overhauling the PDF books that go with. The Corset Manual being one of them.

My methods for corset making have changed over the past 5 years since I first made my Corsetry course. The updated video reflects this and is full of new techniques and tips for getting the most professional result.

The Corset Manual is currently being redesigned to reflect these new methods but I also want to add more. Rather than just covering the methods in the video and the best places to get Corsetry supplies (which is also getting an update), I want to add extra features to the information in the manual.

Like what?

You say.
Well how about instructions on how to quilt your back panel? And how to recreate the embroidered heart I have on my back panel; details of the stitches used and close up photos. Here are some of the images you can expect to see in the new corset manual…


corsetry embroidery

corset making back panel

corset making quilting

corsetry quilting


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The New Express Corset Making Course – Coming Soon!

Poking fun at natural curves for 5 years now.

Sneak peek of the Corset Photo Shoot…

The videoing ended a few days ago with a session that finished at 3am. Then, having only had 5 hours sleep, horror of horrors I had to strut about in front of a camera! I needn’t have worried though, the pictures look stunning (thanks to the amazing lighting rig, camera and camera man… o and I highly recommend Garnier’s Caffeine Anti-Dark Circles roll on stuff which I think I literally covered my face in!). The shoot turned out to be almost 5 years after my very first shoot, which was summer 2009, so it looks like the rerecording of the Express Corset Making Course will literally be a 5 year anniversary update! So we recreated this picture from the first ever shoot, yes *blush* that is me with green hair *hides behind rock*. Once all the final images are selected and colour corrected I’ll do a big unveiling, so stay tuned. But for now heres the fun one (click it for a bigger version)…

Poking fun at natural curves for 5 years now.

Poking fun at natural curves for 5 years now.


When will the rerecorded Corset Making Course be ready?

As you’ve probably noticed, no we didn’t make Valentines Day unfortunately! Recording a professional level DVD takes a lot longer than I expected. I also wanted to include instructions on how to make a proper back panel as a bonus feature too…

corset making 1

…So that took a lot of extra time, but I have all the raw footage now. It’s just a matter of piecing it all together. I have someone redesigning the artwork for the course and we’ve also just had our photo shoot as you know, plus theres the new pattern to add to the Pattern Compendium and some rewriting to do of the method in the Corset Manual (as I’ve changed the way I do things over the last 5 years). But it won’t  be long now. I’m estimating 2 weeks, so it’ll be a spring/Easter launch.

The new updated course will include pattern matching after all! Yes, add it to the list of reasons I over-ran on filming. I wanted to cram as much in as I could and pattern matching was a biggy on the list of tutorials I’ve been asked for over the years. As you can see here the pattern matching went very well indeed.

corset making


What if I’ve bought the old version of the Corset Making Course?

Again if you’ve bought the current corset making course, anyone who has purchased since 1st of December gets a free download! I’ll do my best to email download links to everyone automatically, if I miss you or you bought a hard copy on Amazon then email me after release date with your purchase details. So, if you want to own both the original and new version then buy now and get the new version automatically! No need to do anything other than buy the Express Corsetry Course in the normal way from the page and you automatically get the new one! There will also be an introductory offer for all previous customers, keep checking your emails!

So stay tuned for the photo shoot and updates on the release date.

corset making course

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