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Materials for making corset dresses

By on May 24, 2013

Yesterday we discussed a basic way to turn a corset pattern for a regular corset into a corset dress pattern. Today I’m going to go over the ideal material to make a corset dress from for best results. If your

Making corset dresses

By on May 23, 2013

If your making a corset for corset training purposes you’ll find that almost any corset pattern can be customized to use for a tight lacing corset. However, if you plan to make a corset dress you’ll find it both harder

My New Express Corset Making Course

By on August 12, 2010

Beginners Corset Making DVD With 10 Sewing Patterns Learn Step-By-Step How To Make Your Own Beautiful Corsets   Everybody Has It Wrong… Corsets aren’t just for advanced sewers; they seem difficult because their construction is so different to that of