Samantha’s Bustles

Having launched the printable patterns now its so nice to start seeing your finished garments. Theres nothing more thrilling then getting photos of your creative interpretations of my patterns. This week I was sent some beautiful photos by Samantha of two bustles she has made from the Pandora Bustle pattern.


Here is a picture but you can see better ones in the corset photo gallery. Lovely!


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Corset Patterns: Bustle pad magic!

I’ve just finished making up the padded part of my bustle for my next ‘printable pattern.’ I’m rather pleased with myself :) it’s going very well.

I’ve decided to go with eyelets instead of ties so when you wear it with a corset you can use the corset laces to tie it on at the waist. It also means different colour laces can be used to blend with the outfit your wearing.

Had lots of fun making this – took lots of pics too so I can write illustrated instructions to follow. Gonna get cracking with the outer ruffle!



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