Fashion & Fetishism: Corsets, Tight-Lacing and Other Forms of Body-Sculpture


For anyone wanting a decent book on the subject that isn’t tied up in the past; this is one of my favourites. It details the vast array of modern day yummy combinations of fashion and fetishism, the bulk of it being dedicated to corsets and  tightlacing.

Its every bad girls coffee table book, including mine! ©


From corsets to codpieces, stockings to stilettos and piercing to push-up bras, fashion and sex have always enjoyed a very close relationship. This new edition of David Kunzles rich and revealing history of corsetry and body sculpture shows how this neglected phenomenon is closely bound up with sexual self-expression. Drawing on sources as diverse as medical literature and popular magazine articles, this fascinating history shows how in many ways the use of the corset rejected the role of the passive, maternal woman. Even today fashion designers recognise its subversive powers, as a symbol of eroticism, decadence and control. Taking in other curiosities such as ancient body decoration, male corsetry, masochism and foot fetishism, this is an often racy journey into the enigma of all those who sculpt the shape of their desires onto their bodies. 

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