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Tightening Your Laces Alone For Corset Training – Rabbit Ears Method

By Scarlett on May 1, 2013

You can easily use the ‘rabbit ears’ method of lacing your corset training corset to make getting into your corset unassisted supper easy. It involves lacing the corset in the traditional criss crossed method until you get to the waist

Corset Training – How Long & How Fast? (1)

By Scarlett on April 23, 2013

I’m asked a lot how long you need to tight lace to start physically reducing your waist line and how fast you can start squeezing the inches away. Corset Training isn’t supposed to be a quick fix (although it does

Tight lacing your corset alone

By Scarlett on September 2, 2011

Last night I helped a friend into her first corset training corset and showed her the over the door handles method for tightening her corset alone. This is a great method for beginners because it’s like having a second pair

Diet and exercise while corset training

By Scarlett on August 19, 2011

So we’ve discussed getting your body used to a corset gradually by building up the hours you spend in it day by day. But really this is only part of the process. The other two areas of body management you

Mr Pearl – France – age 43 – 18 inch waist – 5ft 8in tall

By Scarlett on July 31, 2010

“My work is not about being fashionable. I do not follow fashion at all. I’m interested in an ideal, a kind of expression of elegance, which really has nothing to do with fashion.” The infamous Mr Pearl has an 18-inch