The Importance Of Using Bias Binding In Corset Making

First let me explain to those new to corset making who don’t know; what bias binding is and where it goes. If your just learning how to make a corset you may not have come across it yet but bias binding is the stuff that goes along the top and bottom edge of your corset. It incloses the raw edge and finishes the corset – in short it makes the corset look professional.


Now, again, if your new to corsetry you may be forgiven for thinking that all binding is created equal, but any seasoned seamstress will set you straight on that. O no no, if you’ve ever seen a cheap website with those £20 – £50 corsets and wondered why the edging is rucked up and creases round the curves of the bust and under arm area, I can tell you now its because bias binding wasn’t used.


As the name suggests its strips of material cut on the bias. The edges are then folded in to the middle and the whole thing is folded in half again to inclose the raw edges. The important thing about cutting on the bias is the way the binding can stretch on the diagonal. This allows it to stretch round curved edges leaving a smooth wrinkle-less finish. So when you make a corset don’t finish off your edges without it – make sure you use bias binding.


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Some of My Bias Binding in Satins and Cottons


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Video Guide – Inserting Eyelets

Today my corsetry quick-guide videos continue, this time with a very quick demo of how hand held eyelet inserting tools work. They”re really simple to use wether you have a hand held tool or the little setting plates you use a hammer with; but still I casino online get asked about them by worried sounding newbies. So the best way to dispel the mystery is to show you what they are and how they work :) You”ll wonder what you were worried about!

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