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The Hassle Free Way To Lace Your Corset Training Corsets

By Scarlett on July 20, 2013

 There are numerous approaches to lacing a corset but for corset training, sticking to a criss-cross technique from top to bottom is the most hassle free option. If you use the rabbit ears technique (also often called bunny ears), this

What’s in a curve?

By Scarlett on May 31, 2013

What’s in it? The curve of a corset? Is it just luck that some girls turn into walking hourglasses when they don a corset, while others tend to get a straight up straight down effect? Or is it a case

Corset Training & Healthy Skin

By Scarlett on April 22, 2013

When you start to corset train one of the things you don’t realize is how much of an effect it will have on your skin and its overal condition. Its not until you start to tight lace on a daily

Costume or Corset?

By Scarlett on September 11, 2012

There can be some confusion about the difference between a corset and a costume, theatre or plain old fancy dress outfit with a corset-like appearance. Having made a lot of corsets I can tell if the quality is lacking, but

Jazz it up with alternating corset pattern panels

By Scarlett on June 5, 2012

I’ve been asked by an inexperienced corset maker – what might be an easy way to make a corset look exciting without too much extra effort or sewing. Well that’s an easy one as their are lots of ways to

Mock up corset

By Scarlett on September 12, 2011

I have now made my first mock up for the new pattern. Here you can see the alterations and the finished pattern. Being a completely new pattern drawn up from scratch I’ll need a second mock up to check sizing.