Corset Making Materials Question

By Scarlett on January 5, 2013

I was recently asked again about what materials should be used to make a corset from. So thought I’d go over it in length here.

A real corset training corset is made from at least two layers of material (Although I have seen some historical corsets with one)¬†The inner or lining material should really always be coutil; which is a corsetry fabric made of cotton with a tight herringbone weave. I have known of several¬†heavyweight materials with little stretch to them that have been used instead but in my opinion these aren’t as good. Never use denim, despite what you might think it’s very stretchy!


On the outside you can use more or less anything for your ‘fashion fabric’ layer or ‘decorative’ layer. Thicker materials that won’t wrinkle easily are by far the best for a professional look but I have often played with lightweight cottons although some starching or iron on backing fabric will add strength and help avoid wrinkling at the seams. The best materials by far are soft furnishing fabrics. The ones used for luxury cushions and curtains. These are a little more expensive but bare in mind you don’t need much.


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