Fabrics for Bodice Patterns

By Scarlett on April 8, 2012

Yesterday I indulged my biggest obsession, fabric shopping! -Stands up- “good evening everyone, I”m Scarlet and I am a fabric addict, it has been less than a day since my last fabric purchase”. O yes!

But all is not lost – I had a reason to buy this fabric, (not a cast iron reason but it will do anyhoo). I have unciescasino been acquiring historically accurate fabrics to use for my next few corsets. Yes 18th century bodice patterns! The bodice pattern I am currently working on designing is fully boned and Elizabethan so I wanted something that both looked the part and would hold up against the large quantity of steel boning that will be going into it. Here is my current stash of historic fabrics, including yesterdays haul:

20120407-025911 PM.jpg


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