Corset Patterns

Printable Corset Patterns

Download and print off on your home printer in sizes 8-18…….

About these patterns:
The patterns for sale on this page are of my own creation so you won’t find them anywhere else. I have designed them to print straight off a home printer onto A4 paper and they are in all regular dress sizes 8-18. These corset patterns are downloadable so you will get a download link directly after purchasing and be able to save to your computer and print them instantly! Each pattern comes with a booklet that includes an explanation of the pattern, a guide to picking the correct size, instructions on customising it to your body measurements (if you desire a couture fit) and my complete list of online suppliers. It does not include full corset making instructions, please check out my Corsetry Video Course for in-depth corset making instructions. Copyright for all patterns belongs to Scarlet Sapsford (thats me) but they can be used for anything including making corsets to sell professionally – but giving them away or selling them on is prohibited.


The Cupid Corset

This is my famous plunge overbust. It has bust gores to create a stunning silhouette and a total of 6 pattern pieces per side.

This is a stunning pattern and perfect for romantic evenings!

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1889 Parisian À La Spirite

Historical Corset Pattern

This beautiful printable pattern is drafted straight from my antique corsets collection. It includes detailed info and pictures of the original! Flossing diagrams make embroidering the bone channels simple for beginners. Recreate the original or try the beginners layout if you’re less experienced.


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The Angel Underbust

This is an excitingly unusual underbust as it has lots of features! It is of corset training standard – extra panels make it super curvey and supportive while the low cut of the front makes it very comfortable and allows for maxamum movement! Theres also a choice of 2 different bottom edges on this corset pattern and the option to make the front closure hidden!!!


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The Pandora Bustle

This is a very special bustle as it has two parts – The Bustle Pad which gives the structure and can be worn under period costume on its own and the Outer Ruffle Cover which turns the bustle into an outer-wear garment and means you can have different ruffles for different outfits!

This bustle also has eyelets instead of ties so when you wear it with a corset you can use the corset laces to tie it on at the waist. It also means different colour laces can be used to blend with the outfit your wearing.

Plus there are detailed step-by-step instructions and pictures in the accompanying booklet.

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Reversable Corset Belt

This is a very simple, busk free corset belt that can be worn with the laces at front or back. 

This is a completely FREE corset pattern to celebrate the launch of this new range! Just connect through facebook to download:







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