Another Year at Corset Training

how to make a bodice corset

 Another Year at Corset Training & A Few Changes To Be Made

Well it’s a few days after my 28th birthday and give it a few months will also be another year older. So it’s a time of reflection for me and as the website nears 4 years old I’d like to step things up a notch…


Corset Designers & Corsetry Knowledge

There are a wealth of individual corset makers out there and the web gives us a chance to interact with each other across the globe; sharing ideas and solving corset construction issues. I’ve seen a lot of this on facebook as the Corset Making facebook group expands. I’d like to feature more work by the web’s corset designers and share more of the results of our online knowledge swapping on this blog.


HowToMakeACorset YouTube Channel

Another exciting development will be video blog posting. I have a camera and tripod set up in my sewing room now so I’ll be keeping a video diary of my projects and doing a few how-to’s here and there. Currently I’m editing the eyelet setting video to go with the eyelet tutorial pictures here, and another on binding bodice pattern tabs from this corset –



how to make a bodice corset

I hope to make a few of these video posts a week once I’ve gotten used to the technology! I’ll be hosting them on You Tube so keep an eye on my channel HowToMakeACorset but I’ll also do a blog post for each one so you can keep up to date with everything going on by following this blog.


Corset Orders

I’m also going to start making corsets to order again soon. I’ve taken a long break from corset-making-to-order as it were, concentrating on how to make corsets educational materials and the printable corset patterns range. I’d like to get back to creating corsets for people to wear and enjoy alongside teaching the art of construction. I’ll be sewing up some example pieces to be photographed over the next month so that should keep me very busy and give me lots to video blog about! All very exciting! 


The Corset Belt Sew-Along

Lastly I’m finally getting round to doing the video sew-along for the waist corset – you can download the free corset pattern here. It’ll be set over a few days so beginners can sew along for around an hour a day over 3 – 5 days. It’ll be a great gentle introduction for all the corset making virgins out there and hopefully a great social experience for our little corset sewing community.


So I look forward to sewing more and sharing more with you over the coming months!

Scarlett :)


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The waist corset pattern

Waist corsets (or corset belts as they’re also called) are usually no more than 5-7 inches tall and place pressure purely on the waistline. They’re less comfortable because of this but allow for a much greater freedom of movement than longer corsets.

Not a lot of good for corset training, the waist corset does have it’s uses, mainly as a fashion garment but it’s not completely useless to a tight lacer. Having a corset belt in your inventory means that if you need to take a brake from waist training or have to go without for some reason – if your going on a hiking holiday for example. You can use your waist corset to maintain your waist line while still being able to perform energetic activities.

The corset belt is a great starter sewing project for a would-be corset maker. The lack of a busk and minimal sewing make it an easy corset patte

If you fancy making a waist corset you can get my free corset pattern for one on this page – Free waist corset pattern just scroll to the bottom.

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Corset Training How-To (3)

How Long Should it be on?

Well, most dedicated tight-lacers will practice a 23/7 rule. This means only taking their training corset off for exercise and wahsing and only loosening it to sleep. However, this is an extreme thats built up to over years, don’t start at this level, you won’t keep it up! It really is up to you to decide how far your going to take it, so if your not enjoying it then ease up. To be effective however, it’s best to work up to at least 8 hours in your corset training corset each day. This should allow you to gradually progress to a smaller size, although it will be a lot slower. Wearing your corset all day and possibly wearing a maintaining waist corset of some kind at night should be your goal if you want to seriously tight lace to a tiny waist size. Otherwise you’ll find yourself fighting to get back into your corset each morning as you deal with the overnight expansion. If you feel like making a waist corset on your sewing machine, check out the bottom of the corset patterns page on this website for a free corset pattern.

You should never exercise in your corset, hopefully this is obvious, you should also make sure you do exercise! If you need convincing of why this is extra important to the waist trainer then read most post – Exercise – Combating the Negative Effects of Corset Training which should give you more than enough reason to sign up to the nearest gym!


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Reasons For Corset Training

Tight-lacers love the individuality of customising the body, a lot of modern corset training is practised because the wearer wants to follow their own idea of beauty rather than the reasons of old when corset training was practised to conform to society in the Victorian era. This is by far the biggest change that has taken place within the practise of waist training. Today its about empowering women (and men) rather than constraining them! So I’d like to point out that you should be corset training for you and not your peers, boyfriend, job etc.

So beside customising your body what other uses does the humble corset have? There are actually medical benefits to a tight laced corset. Medical corsets are used for back pain and spine deformaties. If your looking into them for this reason you should ask your doctor to direct you to a specialist. But a much more likely reason for you my readers to be waist training is to loose weight. Corset training is great for helping to reduce your weight. Obviously it needs to be in addition to exercise and a sensible diet but you’ll find you physically can’t eat as much while wearing one. We’ll go into the ins and outs (yes I know, bad pun) of eating and diet in next weeks posts.

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Underbust vs Overbust – why we use underbusts for corset training

When you think of corsets you think of the traditional Overbust with the classic Victorian shape.

But for corset training, 9 times out of 10 we use an underbust. Does this mean the overbust isn’t effective? Well no, the overbust does the same job in the waist area, in fact I find it preferable to a short waspie corset that doesn’t cover, and therefore support, the lower part of the stomach.

So why then do most corset training beauties lean toward the below the bust model?

Well it’s all down to comfort and flexibility. Overbusts are great for a special occasion, there’s nothing more glamorous! But for doing the washing, tidying the house, buying the groceries, you don’t want to be as stiff as a Barbie doll. The underbust is just better suited to our modern fast paced lifestyle. Comfort should be one of your top priorities when considering buying a corset for corset training purposes, that and quality. Keep both in mind when you try on and tighten up and you can’t go far wrong.

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