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Lucy's Corsetry

Learn How To Make A Corset – Lucy’s Video Review Of My Corset Making Course

By Scarlett on November 11, 2014

Lucy From Lucy’s Corsetry I’ve always been a big fan of Lucy’s Corsetry website and YouTube reviews of corset training corsets, so I was extremely excited to hear she was going to review my Express Corset Making Video Course for

Do You Make a Corset Open Fronted or Closed Fronted?

By Scarlett on July 21, 2013

When making a corset training corset or boned bodice you have to decide how you’ll have the front panels. You may choose to have a front closure such as the traditional nobs and loops busk (loops are affixed to a

Corset Patterns with Gores

By Scarlett on June 14, 2013

While some corset makers out there will be familiar with this term, there will be a larger number, especially amoungst the beginners, who haven’t a clue what a ‘Gore’ is. This blog post is for you. It sounds like some

Corset Pattern Construction

By Scarlett on May 29, 2013

If your learning how to make a corset pattern, or even how to make a bodice pattern with corset boning, then you’ll need a method of drafting your corset design into a pattern. There are several ways of doing this,

The Visual Effect of Sprung and Spiral Corset Bones

By Scarlett on May 19, 2013

When making your corset training corset you should now know from my last post that steel bones are the way to go. You’ll also know that spiral steels are a lot more flexible and bend in many more directions than

Personalize Your Corset Training Corset

By Scarlett on May 4, 2013

So we’re learning how to make a corset? Then why not have some fun with it and make yourself a corset you can’t get anywhere else? That sounds difficult, I’m only a beginner Scarlet! Ah but I’m not talking about