New Corset Training Design

Its summer finally and that means Comic Cons, this year I plan to go as Wonder Woman (I currently have blue hair, like the comic book heroine). So a nice tiny corseted waist like she had in the TV series will look spectacular! So a classic corset training overbust design is currently on the cards.

Here’s the design for the corset pattern, I’ll beĀ stencillingĀ up the W design etc to go with the pattern and this will be the next in the printable corset patterns range. (Check out the pattern page for the current patterns including my completely free corset pattern for a waist corset!).

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Corsets and Haute Couture

A book of high fashion by Dior this is hot off the press and a must have if your fashion obsessed like me. There are some nice corseted pieces as u can see here in this magazine article I came across. But the whole book is in French so if your not multilingual your buying it for the pictures only, which to be honest is enough in this case!

20120319-025155 PM.jpg

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Samantha’s Bustles

Having launched the printable patterns now its so nice to start seeing your finished garments. Theres nothing more thrilling then getting photos of your creative interpretations of my patterns. This week I was sent some beautiful photos by Samantha of two bustles she has made from the Pandora Bustle pattern.


Here is a picture but you can see better ones in the corset photo gallery. Lovely!


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Corset Patterns: Bustle pad magic!

I’ve just finished making up the padded part of my bustle for my next ‘printable pattern.’ I’m rather pleased with myself :) it’s going very well.

I’ve decided to go with eyelets instead of ties so when you wear it with a corset you can use the corset laces to tie it on at the waist. It also means different colour laces can be used to blend with the outfit your wearing.

Had lots of fun making this – took lots of pics too so I can write illustrated instructions to follow. Gonna get cracking with the outer ruffle!



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Corset Making – Custom busk project of Matt’s

Matt in Australia is having a go at creating a custom clasped busk. A very interesting project indeed:


Hi Kirsty,
Although I dont go there as often as i should, your site is growing, but as usual, cant help add too much just y

et, I will update soon!

About to start a corset, and have a question… do you know, or can you give me a website to find out how to use the catches in pic:

I have 2 sizes of flat steel boning (13mm x 1.11mm, 15mm x 2.85mm) about to arrive from vena cava and will drill holes for rivets in the sprung steel boning and mount so rivets go through the boning. The boning will be weaker where the holes are drilled.

I am not sure which size boning to try first, the thicker and wider, or the thinner and narrower, dont know how much the bending motion at front over time will have an affect on metal fatigue. Do you think two strips of the 13 x 2.85 will be too stiff at front, as i think the 13 x 1.11 better if it is strong enough. I can coat bare metal where the holes are drilled by hand with tipping fluid, or something like it. Unless you can offer something easier or a better idea?



Hi Matt I’ve not worked with these clasps myself, where did you get them as I’d love to have a go? I found some pictures online of them on corsets if that helps:

I’d say use the widest bones you can, something in a similar thickness to that used in a regular busk. No need to go any stronger than that. Remember busks have their loops riveted on as well.
I hope that helps, let me know how it goes and where you got those lovely clasps! Kirsty

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