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how to make a bodice corset

Another Year at Corset Training

By Scarlett on August 4, 2013

 Another Year at Corset Training & A Few Changes To Be Made Well it’s a few days after my 28th birthday and give it a few months will also be another year older. So it’s a time of reflection

Do You Make a Corset Open Fronted or Closed Fronted?

By Scarlett on July 21, 2013

When making a corset training corset or boned bodice you have to decide how you’ll have the front panels. You may choose to have a front closure such as the traditional nobs and loops busk (loops are affixed to a

Corset Patterns with Gores

By Scarlett on June 14, 2013

While some corset makers out there will be familiar with this term, there will be a larger number, especially amoungst the beginners, who haven’t a clue what a ‘Gore’ is. This blog post is for you. It sounds like some

Corset Pattern Construction

By Scarlett on May 29, 2013

If your learning how to make a corset pattern, or even how to make a bodice pattern with corset boning, then you’ll need a method of drafting your corset design into a pattern. There are several ways of doing this,

Free Corset Pattern For Corset Training

By Scarlett on April 18, 2013

For all the waist trainers out there looking to make a corset for the first time I have a free corset pattern for you to try out! If your new to corset training this will be a great introduction to

Easter Offer

By Scarlett on March 3, 2013

Make an Elizabethan Corset – Video & Pattern 15% OFF – Easter Special! Step-by-step Video and Printable Pattern with REVERSIBLE front panel! Go on, treat yourself this Easter! —Instant Download!— LINESPACE Reversible front panel gives you two dramatically different looks for the