Kathy Chin's corset training results - before and after

Corset Training Before And Afters

By on August 6, 2015

Your body will change shape instantly the moment you put on a waist training corset and tighten the laces for the first time. This is because the corset will displace (for want of a better word) the fat around your middle


Corset Pattern Design ‘Daily Sketches’

By on July 27, 2015

Two weeks ago I started to post daily corset pattern sketches on social media to both inspire anyone stumped for ideas and as a bit of a challenge for myself to stretch my imagination. I stopped this weekend but I’ve mulled it

corset pattern flat

Mannequin Update & Learning How To Make A Corset Pattern In CAD

By on June 25, 2015

If you’ve been reading regularly you’ll know I’ve had a digital mannequin made and had my CAD designer make me a corset pattern on it. The mockup looked like this - The fit was good but not ‘corseted’ enough. So

Kink in fashion corset with plastic corset boning

Why Steel Boned Corsets?

By on June 15, 2015

Corsets were originally boned with whale bone (which is where corset ‘boning’ got its name I believe) and then later with steels. There are a number of different types used in corsetry but today we’re going to discuss why we use

Lacing with crosses and rabbit ears - The rabbit ears have been tied and tucked in behind the lacing to reduce bulk under clothing

How To Lace A Corset

By on June 13, 2015

There are various methods for lacing a corset but for corset training purposes a criss-cross method from top to bottom with the edition of rabbit ears (sometimes called bunny ears), is the most functional and makes tight-lacing without assistance much

Corset Render Orth

Making a Mock Up From The CAD Corset Pattern

By on June 1, 2015

If you read my previous post, you’ll remember I’ve been designing a digital mannequin with my CAD professional Simon with the purpose of designing corset patterns to then print out and use. We’ve initially made the mannequin to my proportions and