Corset Related Articles

Here I’ve put together a collection of helpful articles on a range of corset related subjects. For ease of use they’re divided into the categories; corset training, Corset Making and Famous Corset Makers. Leave your comments and article requests in the comments box below. These articles are here for educational purposes and I still advise you consult a doctor when corset training down to sizes smaller than a 6inch reduction of your natural waist size.


Corset Training

So You’re Thinking About Starting To Corset Train?

Introduction To Corset Training

Corset Care

Diet and Exercise While Corset Training


Corset Making

ONLINE CORSETRY SUPPLIERS LIST:-  Corset Making Suplies – Corset training on a budget? Buy the pieces and make your own!

Getting Your Eyelets Straight – How to set corset eyelets (with photos and video demo)

Learning How To Make A Corset

How To Make A Bodice, Not A Corset

Getting Acquainted With Corset Making Materials, Equipment and Free Corset Patterns

Make A Corset It’s Own Matching Bias Binding

Which Corset Pattern Styles Are There To Make A Corset In, What’s Right For Your Body & How DO You Start Corset Training?


Famous Corset Makers and Wearers

Corset Training Icons (Cathie Jung, Mr Pearl)

Mr Pearl’s Famous Corsets



  1. D. Marquis Corsetry
    February 23, 2015

    Thank you for the patterns, I have not seen them in any of my pattern books Kind regards from David Marquis

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