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CorsetTraining.net is an information and education site on Tight Lacing, Cathie Jung and other famous tight lacers, Corset Making and more. Its purpose is to educate and entertain.

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“Hi I’m Scarlett, I’m 28 and I’m a 3rd generation seamstress specializing in corset construction. I have a degree from Goldsmiths University, London in BA Fine Art & Art History, which centered around complex fabric sculpture construction. I have been making corsets for private clients for about 2 years now and have written and filmed a comprehensive downloadable video course on how to make a corset – ‘The Express Corsetry Course‘ I also design downloadable and printable Corset Patterns and other related garment sewing patterns.”


Scarlett in One of Her Self-Made Corsets & Pandora Bustle




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